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Curriculum Photo Gallery at silverton

Our curriculum gallery documents the wonderful teaching and learning which goes on across the curriculum from early years to year 6. Please click the links below for more information and a gallery of pictures.

Early Years Curriculum

Communication and Language

Retelling stories to help us get more familiar with the text:

Little Red Hen   

Learning new vocabulary and using it through the day (e.g. pestle and mortar, sieve, knead) 

Pestle and mortar        Sieve

Physical Development

Developing strength in our shoulders and arms and handwriting patterns with daily Wiggle and Squiggle:

Wiggle and Squiggle - anticlockwise circles

Developing strength in our fingers with daily Dough Disco:



Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Handwashing      Handwashing

Good oral hygiene with daily toothbrushing:

Good oral hygiene with daily toothbrushing

Our class agreement designed by everyone in Acorns Class:

Playing together with our friends:



Little Wandle Nursery Rhyme Videos 


Little Wandle Phonics Progression - Reception

Class Phonics Resources:

Tricky Word Mat - Reception 

Grapheme Mat - Reception 

Phonics Support for Home:

Pronunciation Guides:

Autumn 1 ReceptionAutumn 2 ReceptionSpring 1 Reception 

Tricky Word Guides:

Phase 2 Reception Phase 3 Reception Phase 4 Reception 

 Letter Formation Practice Sheets:

Autumn 1 ReceptionAutumn 2 Reception 

Home Learning Sheets:

Reception Autumn 1 Reception Autumn 2 Reception Spring 1 

Little Wandle Support Videos for Parents

Parent Workshop Presentation - Reception Phase 2 



Sorting        Sorting

Creating sorting rules:

Creating sorting rules        Creating sorting rules

Comparing sizes, using vocabulary such as 'biggest' and 'smallest' or 'longest' and 'shortest':

Comparing size        Comparing length

Showing numbers to 3 through drawings in the style of Anno's Counting Book:


Understanding The World

Learning about our bodies, including new vocabulary such as 'skeleton' and 'skull':

Skeleton making        Skeleton labelling

Exploring current news stories from around the world through Picture News:

Learning about history using our timelines:

Expressive Arts and Design

 Exploring colour and colour mixing:

Exploring colour and colour mixing

Exploring patterns and colours with Elmer:

         Exploring colour and colour mixing with Elmer

Exploring texture with grains:

Learning about shapes and positioning with self-portraits:


Exploring pastels to make firework pictures in the style of the artist  James Rosenquist:



Art and Design

The Great Fire of London

"The fire started in a baker's shop and spread all through the city. The fire truck is there and people are escaping in boats"



Maple Class - Pastels and Colour

In Maple Class we have been creating images of our toys experimenting with pastels and use of colour.

Hawthorn Class - Exploring Colour

In Hawthorn Class we have been exploring the use of colour to create effects and creating self-portraits.


Design and Technology



Oak Class - Geographical Enquiry - Devon

Is Devon better than the rest? Oak Class started by thinking about the things that make Devon attractive before asking big questions that linked to the theme such as: What is keeping you in Devon?; Can Devon look after itself? and Why do you live in Devon?

Oak Class - World Travel

In this geography unit we explored how climates around the world have similarities and differences and why this may be. We also explored how biomes are affected by human activity and considered what can be done to limit the damage in the future. This unit concluded with a visit to the Eden Project to immerse ourselves in two biomes that we wouldn't otherwise be able to visit without actually traveling around the world!

Oak Class - Hola Mexico 

In Oak Class, the children used their creative skills to make 3D sculptures of Mexico. They had great fun and linked their geographical knowledge of Mexico to support their designs.


Oak Class - Alan Turing

 In this history unit Oak Class looked at the impact Alan Turing had on the Second World War and subsequently the world. To ensure they had the relevant knowledge to answer the 'big question' they needed to break their learning into smaller steps- have a look at the cover page below to see how they did this.

Oak Class - British Monarchy

This unit's learning included thinking about previous rulers of England- which led to learning about King Charles I and King Charles II. We spent time looking at the Civil war and as part of the children's home learning they created board games relating to the Civil war. Have a look at what was created!

 Oak Class - Home Learning Projects - World War II

Oak Class were given a challenge of finding out something about WWII and communicating the information they had found in a way of our choosing. Have a look below at what we came up with!



Modern Foreign Languages


Oak Class - University of Exeter - Acapella Society

An acapella society from Exeter University visited Oak Class and performed for them. The children were blown away by what noises could be made by just using your mouth.

 Oak Class - Brass Lessons - Devon Music - Aidy Nutthall

 Oak Class thoroughly enjoyed their whole class brass lessons led by Mr. Aidy Nutthall.

Physical Education

Oak Class - Friday Morning Sports Initiative

During the Autumn term Oak Class spent Friday mornings travelling to Lords Meadow Leisure Centre for: swimming lessons, gymnastics in the hall and a variety of sports taught by students from Exeter collage on the astro-turf. These have culminated in various sporting fixtures throughout the year- have a look at some of the pictures below.



Religious Education

Whole School - University of Exeter Islamic Society

We were delighted to welcome students from the University of Exeter Islamic Society, who came into school to talk to the children about being a Muslim in modern Britain. 

Oak Class - LIFE Exhibition + Exeter Cathedral

The children from Oak Class visited Belmont Chapel in Exeter for the LIFE Exhibition. This was a multi-media event about the life of Jesus. They also walked to Exeter Cathedral and for a special tour. The next LIFE Exhibition is on 29th January 2024.