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Personal Development at silverton

At Silverton we pride ourselves on working closely with our wider community. We have very strong links with many organisations as well as local businesses who support us to make a positive difference to the children in school. This collective spirit makes our school a special place to be. Please see some examples below of the positive relationships we hold with the wider community and the work we do to enrich the lives of the children outside of the classroom.

Outdoor Education at Silverton

At Silverton, outdoor learning is really important to us.  We have wonderful grounds, including an extensive field which lends itself perfectly for outdoor learning. Our outdoor learning lead and Hawthorn teacher, Mr Nichols, spends time at Silverton leading outdoor learning each week. This includes small groups, although all children get to take part in his sessions over the course of the year.

Exe Valley Federation Carol Service - Choral Speaking - Oak Class

On Monday 11th December 2023, the Exe Valley Federation hosted it's annual Christmas Carol Service.

Mr. Hamidullah and representatives of Oak Class used their choral speaking skills to deliver a wonderful Christmas poem. 


Premier Education Showdown - Hawthorn Class

Not aware of Showdown? Showdown is an event that we’re incredibly proud to offer primary aged children in which the end result is a thrilling performance on a theatre stage in front of hundreds of spectators.

Hawthorn Class worked with dance specialists who taught them a routine to perform to an audience of their family and friends. They performed 2 shows at Exeter's Corn Exchange in December and wowed the full-house with their skills and enthusiasm.

Exe Valley Federation Swimming Gala - Lords Meadow Leisure Centre-Oak Class

Oak Class' final Lords Meadow Sports Morning of the year culminated in a Swimming Gala where children from Thorverton, Cheriton and Silverton took part in a range of width and length swimming races and events. We are really lucky to have a wide range of very talented swimmers and all of the children who took part should be incredibly proud of how they represented themselves and their school.

Exmoor Challenge

It has been incredible to work with a group of year Six children in the build up to this year's Exmoor Challenge- an independent, near 17 mile walk across Exmoor.  We have spent time learning map reading and orienteering skills, as well as building walking stamina with challenging practice walks

University of Exeter - Acapella Society

An acapella society from Exeter University visited Oak Class and performed for them. The children were blown away by what noises could be made by just using your mouth.

University of Exeter - Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - Midnight Magic

We visited the Great Hall in Exeter University to watch a performance from the BSO. There was a special song to learn called 'Midnight Magic'. We were the only school to learn the song on recorder and received a standing ovation from the crowd and the BSO.

Exe Valley Federation - Local Links - Sporting Events

We thoroughly enjoy taking part in Exe Valley Federation sport's tournaments., These have included cricket, football, tag rugby, cricket and rounders. With our extensive grounds, we also enjoy hosting other schools.

Torbay and Devon Civic Award

The Civic Award is an inspiring program that encourages children to do amazing things in the community from an early age. They learn essential life skills which set them up for their transition into young adults. The Civic Award is a popular addition at Silverton Primary School and we are always very proud of the children who receive the award each year.

Eden Project - Oak Class Trip

In this geography unit Oak Class explored how climates around the world have similarities and differences and why this may be. They also explored how biomes are affected by human activity and considered what can be done to limit the damage in the future. This unit concluded with a visit to the Eden Project to immerse themselves in two biomes that they wouldn't otherwise be able to visit without actually traveling around the world!

Hawthorn Residential - Bracken Tor

The year 3 and 4 children had a brilliant day on residential yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the activities they took part in.

 Oak Class Residential - Year 5 - Bath and Bristol

The children from year 5 had a great time on residential alongside the other children from the federation. Visits to SS Great Britain, The Roman Baths as well as a performance of The King and I at the Hippodrome were real highlights

Oak Class Residential - Year 6 - Heatree Activity Centre

The children in year 6 had a wonderful time on Dartmoor at Heatree Activity Centre. Team building, rafting, climbing and many more fabulous activities kept them entertained alongside the other federation schools.

Creation Sings

The Year 5 and 6 children at Brampford Speke, Silverton and Thorverton C of E Schools come together to take part in ‘Creation Sings’. This project brings together science, faith and music and enables children to start to think about the way that the ‘how’ of creation in science can be reconciled to the ‘why’ of creation in the bible. It was organised by a team from God and the Big Bang, which seeks to give children and young people the opportunity to explore how faith and science can work together to explain the biggest questions that human beings can ask.

University of Exeter Islamic Society Visit

We were delighted to welcome students from the Islamic Society, who came into school to talk to the children about being a Muslim in modern Britain. 

 LIFE Exhibition - Belmont Chapel

 The children from Oak Class visited Belmont Chapel in Exeter for the LIFE Exhibition. This was a multi-media event about the life of Jesus. They also walked to Exeter Cathedral and for a special tour. The next LIFE Exhibition is on 29th January 2024.