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Raising a Concern

We very much hope that you and your child have a very good experience of being in one of the Exe Valley Federation Schools. However, we know that sometimes things go wrong and when this happens, we will take your concerns very seriously. 
The first port of call for parents should be your child's class teacher if your concern relates to something that has happened in the classroom or playground. If you are concerned about something that is to do with the leadership or management of the school, then the Head of School is the person to speak to first of all.
We very much hope that we can resolve your concerns at this stage by listening and talking together [this is the informal stage 1 of the policy]. If you don't feel this has happened, then please let the Executive Headteacher know and he will contact you to listen and talk about your concerns. The majority of concerns can be resolved by this stage.
If you feel that your concern has still not been addressed at this stage, then please refer to the EVF Complaints Policy and complete the EVF Complaints Policy Form which is below. The federation will then follow the steps in the EVF Complaints Policy. 
EVF Complaints Policy
EVF Complaints Form
EVF Complaints against Governors
EVF Complaints Leaflet for Children
EVF Complaints Form for Children