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Ash Class

Welcome to Ash Class! We are Year 1 and Year 2.

Each term we explore a new topic, with a geography or history topic. We make linked between all subjects where we can. In Ash, we believe that learning should be engaging, exciting and focused! We really immerse ourselves in our topics; creating, finding and exploring as well as independently searching and discovering answers for questions that we find interesting. We believe in collaborative conversations linked to learning, sharing ideas and debating different concepts and views. This allows us to have greater responsibility and power in taking control of our own learning and we find this method rewarding and beneficial! 

Our Day

In the mornings we set out to undergo various, structured or open activities. These activities focus on completing the KS1 core curriculum. We do this by fully immersing ourselves in our learning, completing various sequences of work stimulating our brains and pushing our creative minds to the very outside of the box. We complete a variety of sessions for Phonics, Maths and English for all five days of our school week. We can all see how our learning is developing and our skills and strategies are being utilised to continue making some fabulous progress.

 Afternoons are when we concentrate on our cross curricular activities. These are often linking subjects together such as: science, geography, history, art, ICT, music and PE. Creating this wonderful patchwork quilt of education is embedded in the lifestyle of Ash class and it so rewarding to fully engage and appreciate our topic work in this style.


This half term our topic is 'What's it like to party in Rio?' We are finding out about carnivals in Brazil and linking this to our own experiences of festivals and celebrations. We've also LOVED learning the Seven Continents song! Take a look at our topic web and knowledge organiser.


Rio Topic Web Rio Knowledge Organiser


Mrs Wooalcott, Mrs Skinner and Mrs Heathershaw 

There is lots of information about how to support your child's learning on the 'how to help your child at home' page under 'home schooling'. CLICK HERE